Kiravans VW T5/T6 Rear Door Store

Video Transcript

Hi folks, this is the Kiravans rear door store, comes as a pair, so if you got twin doors on the back of your T5 T6 campervan...this one goes on the passenger side in the UK, this one goes on the driver's side.

Again, following on from our door store for the sliding door, we looked at these doors, passenger door obviously doesn't have any space in it, it's full of lock and everything like that, all the mechanism, this one however had a nice big cavity, so we've come up with this tough textured plastic, again it's got a sort of factory look, so it's gonna tie in with the rest of your van.

Very simple to fit, simply offer it up to the door.

It'll come with a packet of little poppers, put them through, very easy, very quick, can be done in a few minutes.

A few things to look out for, make sure there's no wires obstructing where your pockets are going to fit, they seem to be all clipped out of the way on this door.

In preparation before I put the door store on, I've put in some sound deadening mat, which is probably a little bit excessive in a small panel like this, and also I've used some of our 7 mil insulation foam, which is a thermal acoustic, which will cut down the noise and keep the heat in as well a little bit.

So, to get these fitted, this side very straightforward, offer it up, put in a few of the poppers and then simply with a hammer, tap them into place.

So, there's 12 poppers for each door, so I'll just quickly finish this one off.

Okay, it's as easy as that literally.

Let's take a look at the other side because once you've take off your original panel, you should have a trim, a plastic trim like this, which goes around the handle, so let's take a look at doing that one next.

Okay, so when you get to this stage, we've got this panel on, really simple, just another 12 poppers and what we're left with is this opening for the door handle and lock mechanism and you should have the original VW plastic trim that goes on there, if you look on the back of it, it's got these little, four little plastic hooks, theory is that it goes in the hole, they engage into these four little holes here and then you simply knock it down into place. Can be a little bit fiddly.

You just press it in like that and then push it down and if it needs a little extra tap, just get a hammer, little trim tool or something and just knock it down and that just finishes that whole area off really nicely.

Now, there's one thing to bear in mind, if you have a rear wash wiper fitted, this product won't be suitable for your van because the motor actually occupies the space where the top pocket is. All other real door vans, this product is ideal.

It's really quick, really easy and offers some really useful storage as well in your rear doors, available now on the Kiravans website, see you next time.