Safety Data Sheet - Spray Adhesive
Safety Test Report - Insulation Foam
Safety Data Sheet - Thermal Fill Insulation


INTRO: Kiravans 4-step lining system

This video will give you a quick overview of our 4-step lining system. This is the recommended way to line your campervan for a quieter, warmer and more professional conversion.

STEP 1 - Sound Blocker

Soundproofing your van with Kiravans Sound Blocker is the first step in lining your campervan. Sound Blocker ‘deadens’ the panels and gets rid of the ‘tinny’ road noise in the back of your van as you drive along. 

STEP 2 - Thermo-Acoustic Foam

The 2nd step is to add thermo-acoustic insulation. Kiravans 7mm self-adhesive thermo-acoustic closed-cell foam keeps your van warmer in cold weather and cooler in hot weather.

STEP 3 - Thermal Fill

Step 3 of the lining process is adding thermal fill (the puffa jacket layer1) into the cavities. Thermal fill does a fantastic job of trapping air in between the fibres and we highly recommend adding this after your thermo acoustic insulation.

STEP 4 - Stretch Lining Carpet

Once you've added your insulation, you're ready to carpet line your campervan. In this video we show you how to professionally line your van, how to avoid craeses and other things to watch out for.

TIP: How to trim carpet around a fitted window

Carpet lining round a bonded campervan window can be tricky. Watch this video for some helpful tips on how to do this successfully.