Kiravans Easyliner - 4 Way Stretch Camper Van Lining Carpet

Video transcript

Hi folks, Mike from Kiravans here, just in the middle of doing this carpet lining job on the T6 van. And I thought I'd do a quick video on this Easyliner stretch carpet that we sell.

So I'm doing the whole back of the van in this. The beauty of this stuff is that it's got a... It's got a nice soft feel to it, reasonably thick. But what really comes into it so in compared to carpets that aren't stretchy is that this one, as you pull it and stick it on to various parts of your van, the fibres will come apart. So, if I do that you'll be able to see that it starts to mould itself over my knuckles and it will do the same, over the wheel arches and the curve bits of metal in your van.

So it's really great stuff very versatile, very easy to use. Let's have a look at it in a little bit more detail. First up here is the colour range we're selling at the minute. Goes from silver, right through to anthracite and wheat and the powder blue in there as well.

Now you're probably you gonna wanna start off doing the curved bits of your van, use some caravans HT120, high-temperature glue. And, this just gives you an overview of how this stuff works at this point, I'm pulling it down and stretching it to get it around the curves, and it's really quite effective once you get the hang of it. It's not too difficult. And this is the finished result on a wheel arch.

Obviously you've got the whole side of the van to do as well. On this one, I'm gonna carpet some plywood panels separately.

So this is me, stretching the carpet around the window opening. Just removing some excess material and then working around with my fingers. And you can see it just hugs every contour on the van. Really good stuff.

Quick overview within the panels, trace around them, cut them out and then just spraying the high-temperature glue on both surfaces. Sticking on and then wrapping the edges around to tidy it up.

So it's really good quality carpet very versatile, very easy to use, and you get a great finished result. Available on the website at,