How to Install your Double Swivel

Before starting installation, check you have everything you need...

For a T6.1 van or a T5/T6 van with heated seats and/or airbag sensors you will receive:

  • The Kiravans Double Swivel console
  • Wiring kit - a bag of multicoloured wires
  • Our special 'holey' bolt to go through the centre of the swivel

For standard T5/T6 vans without heated seats or airbag sensors, you will just have the double swivel console. (No wires or extra bolts are needed).


Installation Videos

Before you start, remove the bulkhead & metal strip:


How to install the swivel to a VW T5, T6 or T6.1 van:

The process is mostly the same, but if you have a T6.1 or a T5/T6 with heated seats/airbag sensors, there are additional steps. If your van doesn't have these wires, skip to the relevant installation steps. 


How to Operate & Maintain your Double Swivel

If you want to learn more about the operation and general maintenance of the Kiravans double seat swivel base then watch this video. Mike gives you a demo of our seat swivel and offers some useful hints and tips along the way.

Written Fitting Instructions

We really recommend watching our videos as they provide a much more detailed visual guide for each aspect of installation than our written instructions, but we have also craeted some additional written instructions


Safety Information

TÜV Deutschland:

Our VW T5/T6 Double Swivel has passed all the requirements of TÜV Deutschland (Teilegutachten Nr.135XT0004-00). This involved 'in-vehicle' pull testing and a SLED test over the water in Germany.

TUV have witnessed & approved the following safety tests: a) 20g forward and backward sledge test (link to video here), b) In vehicle seat belt anchorage test. To EC Directive 76/115/EEC As Amended By 2005/41/EC. & To ECE Regulation 14.07. (Link to video here)

STATUS Certification:

It has also passed seat belt anchorage safety tests conducted by STATUS (The Specialist Testing Facility at Manchester Met University) using a pull test on a specialist test rig to EC Directive 76/115/EEC as amended by 2005/41/EEC.