• RailSail: RailSails don't come with poles, as it totally depends on your preferred set up. As a guide, 1-3 adjustable poles approximately 210cm in height (+/- a bit) and 3-5 guy lines (4/5 metres in length) work well.
  • VW T5/T6 Barn Door Awning - Spoiler version: These are a little tighter to fit than the non-spoiler version. You may need to hook it over the outside corners of your door before tightening up the straps attached to your door hinges.
  • VW T4 Barn Door Awning: Some VW T4 rear doors open wider than others. On these doors, there may not be enough 'spring' to hold the pole in position. It's fine once the awning canvas is in position over your doors as the cloth pulls the doors back into our 'expected' position, but it means you may need to put the canvas over the doors before putting the pole in place. 


Kiravans Barn Door Awning - Fitting Instructions


Barn Door Awning

This shows a VW T5 Barn door awning, but fitting to other vans is very similar, so it's worth a watch!


Kiravans RailSail

A little bit of inspiration on the various set ups you can create with the Kiravans RailSail!



My barn door awning pole doesn't look right. What length should it be?

  • The T5 awning pole should measure 172cm in length and have 2 bent pins on the ends. 
  • The T4 awning pole should measure 125cm in length and have 1 bent pin and 1 rubber end.
  • If your pole is any different, please contact us so we can send out the correct one.