Video: Sequoia Table Leg System for your Campervan



Video transcript

Hi, this is the Sequoia Island table leg from Kiravans. Ideal for mounting a small table in the middle of your Campervan sitting area. So it's an American invention, patented design. It's an aluminium so it's nice and lightweight. And the main benefit of this one, if you imagine this is your Campervan floor, you get a really, really low profile base. So historically you used to have to cut, you know, a hole in the actual floor of your metal van in order to sync the leg into. Whereas this one, very low profile, it's a cast, powder-coated base.

Place that on the floor where you want it, and then simply mark out your holes. Get yourself a little drill, do some pilot holes. Now, because most Campervan floors, certainly in small panel vans are gonna be, you know, a 12 mil or a nine mil bit of ply. You're gonna need some fairly short but fairly thick screws. So you're gonna need something like a five by 20, so five mil diameter, 20 mil long. Purely because the holes in this base, they are but the actual hole is quite big. So you need a screw that's not gonna fall through that hole.

Okay, so the five by 20 or even a six by 20, if you can find them, will do that job. And then it's simply a matter of screwing your base down.

Okay, so that's that. Secured to the floor of your van. Now you've got your leg, which has got a collar on it and you've got three bits sticking out there which go into those grooves and then you give it a twist clockwise until it's held firm and then you screw this counter-clockwise until it's tight. So now you've got a really solid base for your table.

This part here, I just move that to one side, is another cast component. This is the bracket that goes underneath your table top. It's a little bit deeper than the floor mounted one and it's got slightly smaller screw holes. So you can get away with something like a four mil screw, 16 long to just drop in there like that.

So if I move this out of the way for a sec, and then you get your tabletop, which again is usually gonna be something like a 15 mil or a 12 mil thick furniture ply or birch ply, and you simply mark your holes like this all the way around. Again you can drill some pilot holes to make it a bit easier for yourself. Screw this in place.

Okay, so that's your table top. If we bring on floor over again and then to get the table on, if you can see this, it's simply a matter of sticking it on there and you can, you're still able to rotate that. Sorry, that's kinda in the way and that will click in place. And then when you wanna move off, you steer your table away, unscrew this clockwise, unscrew the leg counter-clockwise. And then for transit you've got this handy little plastic cap which just pops in there. So that's all you're left with on your floor. And that cap will stop any debris and grits and stuff getting in there.

So it's a great product, really useful, very lightweight, and it's available on the Kiravans website. Thanks for watching.