Kiravans Campervan Electrics - Starter guide 

12v Control Panel Kit - An overview in plain English


How to wire up LED lights in your campervan

An introduction on how to wire LED lights in your campervan

How to wire up your campervan

Mike shows you how to wire up your campervan conversion, specifically with 12v electrics and how to make those wire connections in your van.


How do i wire up a campervan electrical system?

This is a common question we get asked a lot and there is no simple answer. We have written up a document as a basic starter for 10 to hopefully give you something useful to start with. You can find this in the downloads section. It is not technical and does not recommend products, but it gives a useful overview.

My LED lights are not working, what's wrong?

Most LED lights seem to be sensitive to the correct polarity connections. If yours aren't working, do try swapping the cables over just in case before you decide they are bust! The LED campervan lights that we sell do not require transformers to fit them into your campervan, they should all just plug in and work.

Can I charge the leisure battery whilst driving?

Yes – but you need to purchase a VSR (Voltage Sensitive Relay).