Privacy Window Fitting Guide

Privacy Window Certification of Quality

Bursa ECE-43 Regulation and Directive 2009/144/EC

Approval no. 00397

Approval no. 00398

Approval no. 00232




If you are fitting two side windows on the same side it is advisable to cut and prep both holes and then put an adhesive bead around both openings. Press the first window on lightly and tape it up then fit the other window. You will now be able to adjust both bits of glass to try and get the best possible fit and look. 

Try to keep the gap between the windows equal from top to bottom and also make sure they are flush with each other. You can check this by sighting a straight line reflection along them. It is almost impossible to get it perfect but you should be able to do a pretty good job. If any corners refuse to sit in enough you can either prop them off a garage wall or tape them in until the adhesive goes off. Don't go mad on the pressure though or the glass will be under stress when fitted and could crack whilst driving.


Our privacy windows are tempered for safety and 'E' stamped to meet the strict European safety standard.

Privacy glass has a different type of certification from TÜV.  Our windows comply with the ECE 43R safety standards that are stipulated in the United Nations UN/ECE R43 homologation program and the certificate can be found below.

Bursa ECE-43 Regulation and DirectIve 2009/144/EC

Approval no. 00397

Approval no. 00398