Video: How to Fit Campervan Curtains to a VW Transporter T5/T6

Video transcript

Hi guys, quick video about the Kiravans curtain range. Now these curtains are specially designed to fit in your particular van. We sell them for a few different models of van, today we're looking at the Volkswagen T6 van, which is also gonna be the same curtains for the T5.

Basically you order the curtain set for the window or windows that you require on the website, and they come like this, Each window will have its own set packaged up. This one says VWT5 opposite sliding door, and then in the pack you will get, two curtain rails, two curtains, a little packet of fixings, and a couple of tie-backs.

So these are the blackout curtains, the rails are gonna be the same whether you get the blackout or the normal ones, they are a preformed channel, spray painted grey, and they are held on by screwing into the metalwork of the van and using the little screws in here. You also get plastic end caps for each of the rails, one goes top, one goes bottom, and there's a sticker on the back to tell you the window location, and also whether it's top or bottom.

The curtains themselves are designed to be, they're stretchy, so when they're fitted they're under tension in the van, which is great because it means they're not flapping around. You can either have the grey side or the black side facing in or out, I tend to go black on the inside, and then when you pull the curtains back, you get a little tie-back to hold them into the middle.

Very easy to fit, all you need is a drill. The screws are quite small, so you probably want a Pozidriv number one screwdriver, and a two, I think it's a two and a half, or a two mil drill bit. So I'll confirm that, we'll just go and have a quick look and put them up in the van.

Okay, So we're starting off with the lower rail here, the bends on the end of the rail kinda dictate where it goes in the window opening, and I tend to bring it back off the outer face by about a fingers width or something. So basically, you just screw through with your two and a half mil drill bit, through all the holes in the rail, use the little self-tapping screws to secure your rail, and then you've gotta push in your little plastic end caps and drill through the rail and the van itself, and screw those in place.

Same again with the top rail, now you'll notice here, there is a right and a wrong way. So I put it right in the right way now, and same again, you're drilling up through the holes in the rail, into the van body work and securing with the screws supplied. And then finish off the top rail using the plastic end caps as well.

Now you're gonna have to take off the left hand end caps, as you start to thread your curtains into the rails. This is the bit that just takes five or 10 minutes with each window opening. So get the top ones in and then fit the end cap, and then do the bottom ones and fit the bottom end cap again. The only thing you gotta watch out for is to make sure the silver studs are on the outside edges as you fit the curtains. And then we're gonna screw, drill and screw the locating stud poppers on the outside walls of the window.

Now this is just to when you put your curtains, you can pop them up against the outside edges, to cut out all the light and increase your privacy. So there's one at the top and one at the bottom on each side. And that's it, job done, very straight forward. And then once you've got your curtains in place, come nighttime in your van, you simply pop them to the sidewalls, and pull the curtains over. Really great solution to get that extra darkness and privacy in your van.

Now these little tie-backs, I've discovered a little trick so you don't lose them, just put them into a loop and then pop them onto one of your studs on the side. Like this. quick look at the rear doors, as you can see, it's a very similar process. You get one curtain per rear door, and the pre-bent rails fit as best they can, around the van body work.

And these curtains, you know, they don't have to be just for camper vans, you can have them in a kombi van. They're great for keeping the sun off the kids, they're also good for security, in a general van to keep whatever's in there private.

This is the cab curtain. This is a great invention as well actually. If the weather doesn't warrant bringing padded thermal screens for the front of your van, one of these cab curtains rolls up really small. I keep mine in the passenger door bin and then it's poppered on, like this. And in a second, I'll just show you where the actual popper locations are on the van, So there's one either side of the windscreen at the top and then a top one and a bottom one on the door pillars as well. So this is on the driver's side, lower one, upper one, and they're literally just screwed into the plastic, so you probably want to use a two mil drill bit and then the screws will still have something to bite on to, one each side at the top of the windscreen, one at the top of that pillar, and one at the bottom as well.

So that's the Kiravans curtain range and how to fit them, hopefully you find that useful, and it's answered a few of your queries you may have heard, overall, brilliant product, I'd been using them for a few years in my van, and I think the fact that they're fitted into the window opening and they're stretchy, so they're not flapping around everywhere. The kids can have the windows open in the back as you drive along, and you don't notice it at all. They're just a really versatile, quick and easy solution, to curtains in your van.

So anyway, good luck with your van conversion, and I'll get on with the next video. See you next time.