Kiravans Thermal Window Screens

Video transcript

Hi folks, Mike from Kiravans here with a short video on insulated thermal screens for your campervan. It's a fairly simple product, so it's not going to be too long.

These are useful for keeping the light out, if you're going to sleep in your campervan. They also are well-insulated to keep the heat in. On sunny days, if you leave your van somewhere, the silver reflective side will help to keep the sunlight out.

We get ours made in a factory in France. They're a fairly robust construction. Things to look out for, there are various makes on the market, but I think if you can get something that's fairly solid, so it's not going to start to sag overnight, let the light in. The outside layer is a silver moisture-resistant layer with reinforcing threads running through it for strength. Inside, the screen itself, you've got several layers of insulation alternating with foil.

And then, on the inside of the van, you've got this matte grey finish, and it's finished off with a tape stitched all the way around, held onto the windows using these flexible suckers. These are a decent size on these screens, and flexible enough that they're going to stick on there and stay there all night, held on through these stainless steel eyelets, using little key fobs.

We sell them for the cab, which involves two cab screens and one for the windscreen. The windscreen one has a slot at the top for the wing mirror, sorry, not the wing mirror, the rear-view mirror to go through. And then we also sell them individually for the back of your van, depending on how many windows you've got, and there's a tailgate version and a barn door version as well. So let's take a look at how they fit into the vehicle.

Okay, so a quick demonstration of how to fit the silver screens. It's very straightforward. Just offer it up to the window, push in the suckers, so they get a good grip on the glass. A good tip is to keep your windows nice and clean so the suckers get a good grip. So that'll stay up there all night, keep you nice and cosy. And then in the morning, you just peel them off like so!

So, taking a look inside the van with the screens up in the cab, there you go, you can see, block out all the light. It's quite useful to put your sun visors down as well, just to hold the tops in, block out any light up there. And you can still open and shut your doors with them on. And that's the view from outside. That'll reflect all your sunlight away.

So that's about it for our silver screens. One thing I forgot to say was, you can still use 'em even if you have curtains in your van. Just put them up in between the glass and the curtains for a bit of extra warmth and quiet overnight. Easy to look after, give them a clean if they get dirty, with a damp cloth. And if they get damp make sure you dry them out after your camping trip. They're available from the website, come in a handy carrier bag like this for storage, and that's about it! Thanks very much for watching.