Video: How to fit a Kiravans Double Passenger Seat Swivel for VW T5 or T6

Video Transcript

We designed this double seat swivel really because when you are working with a family in a car, you just don't have enough seats if you've got a double seat in the back and two singles in the front, every car has got five seats in it. So, with the double swivel, you get to keep your three seats in the front of your car and two additional ones in the back end.

This is the only double seats available for a VW T5 which has been crash tested to the current EC safety regulations and to the future directive level tests which are due to come in in the next few months or so.

The process of fitting it is essentially take the old seat out, there's eight nuts that are holding it down to the floor of your van. You need to disconnect the electrical plugs which are inside the seat and then lift the seat out of the way. It's then a case of reconnecting the electrical wires and sliding them underneath the rubber floor mat in the front of your van. There's a little recess in the floor over towards the handbrake where it can all tuck away nice and flat.

You then need to trim off the top five millimeters or so of the seat mounting bolts that are sticking up from the floor. It's easy to do that with a hacksaw or a cutting disc. Pop the new swivel plates onto the top of the bolts and attach it down with the original nuts. And then put the bench seat back on top. There's an extra eight nuts included in the kit to attach that down, to attach the seat down to the floor of the van. It's very easy, it only takes about 20 minutes or so.

Double seat swivels are not going to suit everybody but they are absolutely ideal for transporting your family in comfort and with versatility in your campervan. You can buy a double swivel directly from Kiravans on our own website at We also have a pretty large distribution network of installers and campervan converters around the UK who can supply and fit these as well.