Thermal Fill Insulation 35mm (1 roll at 10m)


If you want to achieve the ultimate warm and quiet van interior, then use Thermal Fill Insulation as part of our 4 layer system:

1.  Sound Blocker
2. Thermo-Acoustic Foam
3. Thermal Fill Insulation
4. Stretch Lining Carpet 

Thermal Fill Insulation is what we like to describe as the 'puffa jacket' layer. It's extremely versatile, lightweight, easy and clean to work with, and does a fantastic job of trapping air and ultimately producing a high level of insulation. 

Our Thermal Fill Insulation will wrap your campervan conversion up nicely and keep you toasty when you need it the most.


  • This is a 35mm thick, loose-weave polyester insulation material
  • Can be pressed into the smaller vehicle frame cavities to eliminate any thermal cold spots
  • Can also be placed in wall and roof cavities to improve overall thermal insulation and held in place using Kiravans HT120 High Temp Adhesive
  • Works best if not overly compressed so don’t shove loads into a tight space.  It needs to stay nice and fluffy in order to product the best insulation
  • One of our handy rolls is enough to fill the voids in your campervan
  • Roll width: 700mm
  • Roll length: 10 metres
  • Thickness: 35mm (approx)

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