Transit Custom screens (2013+). Full Rear Set with Tail Gate. SWB. - 01HG281 HAYON


Thermal silver screens are designed to be fixed to the inside of your camper van windows to help retain heat in cold weather or reflect sunlight away from your van in hot weather. 

In our experience of using, building and hiring out campervans these are the bees knees. No curtains to flap around your ears while you drive, made from 100% blackout material and very good insulation at night when you really need it.

The outside edges are finished in a matching grey tape and the sucker eyelets are reinforced for durability. The screens are held in place by plastic window suckers and can be put up and taken down in a few minutes. 

The grey plastic suckers are packed separately and need to be attached using the key rings supplied. The suckers are made of a soft plastic and will stay put all night as long as the glass is clean and free from imperfections. They do not stick very well if the glass is dirty or if they contact heating elements. (A few after-market windscreens also cause problems due to a wider band of raised black dots printed around the rear-view mirror).


  • Screens are all vehicle (and window) specific so will only fit the model listed
  • Our screens are specifically designed for panel van conversions
  • Some factory models (Eg. the Caravelle) have plastic mouldings around the windows, which will result in a poorer fit


Our silver screens are constructed with nine separate layers of material for maximum insulation as listed below.

  • 1 Tightly woven, moisture resistant grey coloured inner face
  • 6 Alternating layers of insulation and metallic foil
  • 1 Layer of polyester fibre
  • 1 Waterproof, reflective silver foil outer face


  • Rear windows & tailgate (cab set not included)
  • Suckers & rings

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