Video: Dometic CRX50 12volt Campervan Compressor Fridge

Video transcript

Hi folks, this is the Dometic CRX 50 Compressor Fridge and I just want to let you see what it's like and give you a quick rundown of the features. So, as you can see from the front. This sticker obviously comes off and then it's got a transparent protective film that can come off as well. And then you're down to the sort of metallic finish front deck or that as well can be replaced to match him with your Campervan interior.

It's got a nice easy one-handed operation to get the door open and it's got a vent function here. So, if you're not using your fridge, you can turn it off and the door will latch slightly open, so, you get some air in there.

Inside, it's, you know, it's very organised. It's got some nice bits of storage in there. Flip-up department here. You've got a slider to hold your bottles in place there. It's big enough to take one of the four pint bottles of milk a wine bottle. And then inside you've got, your salad bin, as they call it. So, with all this plastic work in there that might work for you, you might choose to adjust where the shelves are. You might choose to take that out completely.

So, for example, just to see what it'll hold, we can stick in eight cans of drink there. The beers can go in. Now, it looks like we'll have to drop this shelf down, to get some of the bulkier items in. Here we are, we can get six bottles of water in there. That's a one and a half-litre bottle. Let's see if that's still shuts. Yeah, so, it's very comparable to the other 50 inch litre fridge on the market.

One of the, well, I suppose the biggest new feature on this is the the ability for the freezer department, compartment to be removed. So, that can just simply slide out like that. They call it a three-way fridge, not because it runs on three different types of fuel, but because you can have it. When you open it up and you take the freezer bit out, you can have it either as a large fridge or you can have it as a large freezer and the whole thing becomes a freezer, or you can put this back in again and you're back to your standard fridge freezer. So, there's a lot of variety there, a lot of flexibility.

If we take a look at the control panel now, were you've got four LEDs here. The bottom three light up the fridge, and then conveniently the top one is able to light up the freezer compartment. This is your on/off button here. The red light at the minute signifies that it's not at the appropriate temperature 'cause the door has been open. And this is a little infrared sensor, which turns the light on and off when the doors opened and closed, and this one adjusts your cooling. So that's the warmest, and we can go down to the coldest there. And then if you take out your freezer compartment and you hold this bottom button in for three seconds, that'll turn the whole thing into a freezer and they recommend not doing that until you take that bet out. So, that's the internals of the fridge pretty well summarised.

If we look at the outside, I'll swing it round for you, couple of features here, they've managed to shut for a little bit off the bottom, and I think that in an attempt to make it fit into more confined spaces, 'cause these are also used in boats, so they fit the whole shape. But as well as that if you've got a sort of strengthening member on your van body work and you wanna tuck the fridge in a bit closer, it'll be good for that.

On the back, I've got a compressor with a positive and a negative wire coming off it. I've hooked it up to a 12-volt battery here. As I've said in one or two of the other fridge videos. It's good to get a bigger wire on these, so something like a six-millimetre cross-section, to stop any risk of voltage drop 'cause these 12-volt compressor fridges don't really like that. But all in all, it's just a lovely fridge. As I say, it's probably a bit of a market leader, and it's available from the Kiravans website. Thanks for watching.