Shower Tray (without Drain Hole) 310081


The shower tray 310081 is the perfect choice if you haven’t yet chosen your cassette toilet, as the 670 x 670mm tray can be trimmed to match most campervan loos, no matter which make or model you opt for. It’s essentially a blank canvas (there’s not even a pre-drilled drainage hole), giving you complete flexibility in how, where, and what to cut so that you have total control over your bathroom space.

The clean, simple white design means that the shower tray should match well with any cassette toilet and you’ll be pleased to hear that it features the classic dimpled surface that provides a good grip so you don’t need to worry about slipping. Other than that… well, it’s a shower tray, what else do you really need to know?


  • Made from high-quality plastic; buy well, buy once
  • Nice deep lip to stop water from spilling over into your bathroom
  • Decent sized shower well that gives you enough space to shower comfortably
  • Can be trimmed to fit most cassette toilets to help you expand your bathroom functionality
  • Anti-slip design reduces risk of accidents

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